My Secular Musical Compositions

Follow along with me on my musical journey...


I wrote this song out of the beauty I see each time it snows. The idea for the song as I began to create intricate snowflakes myself after reading "Snowflake Bentley" to my elementary students way back in 2004. I first began putting names into snowflakes, then began creating more complicated ones in 2015 per request from my mother. Since then, I decided to start a business using these intricate designs as emblems used in basic formats such as greeting cards, home decor, and anthing else sparking individuality! One thing I've also learned is that I have a Swiss paper-cutting ancestor in my family line, which means it's in my DNA to create such designs! What a better way to celebrate than in a song! Enjoy!

Frozen Tears

I wrote this song just after a frigid morning of delivering newspapers and having the most honest reality of where I was at emotionally in my life after the worst break-up ever experienced. Not knowing what else to do with my feelings rather than feel continued torture, I decided to see if writing down my emotions could somehow lessen the blow I was feeling. It seemed to help only somewhat. I wasn't in a state to put the lyrics to music in 2015 until about 5 years later in 2020. Although I wasn't able to have any resolve, I do believe that putting my voice into song will someday have some redeeming power for myself. I was, however, impressed with how enjoyable I found the melody to be when singing. Gear up!


This song began as I decided to venture sitting at the piano and just cranking out a melody in note form with lyrics to go along with it. Once finished, I left it for a time not knowing what to do with it, then returned to complete it by allowing myself to put this rather not so organized melody to guitar. I'd say it's the most different musically stylized song I've written yet. When I have my first set of musical compositions ready to publish, I've chosen this song to be my cover; because, the words describe my emotions behind the day-to-day grind of trying to work, overcome, and just become a better person despite the adversity we all face.

You & Me

This song transpired after yet another heart break. I thought after experiencing the most difficult heart break prior to this point in my life, I was immune to any future heart breaks. This one came unexpectedly, which turned out to be very painful in a much different way. Perhaps, someday, this one will mend itself out of my life as well. Admittedly, once again, music allowed itself to ease some of it's peace into my life as I began writing the words and music together, which came very easily to me. I was surprised at the up-beat happiness of the tune in comparison to what I was feeling at the time and still do feel in some ways. Life's problems tend to not really go away--only fading ever so slowly, somehow molding myself into a stronger person hopefully.


This song came to be as I was walking with my mom around the neighborhood. We would normally be walking on a particular side of the street, when I suggested we walk on the other side of the street. When we reached the other side, it just seemed so strange to be in such a different place than the normal familiar side. This was when I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a song of it related to life! Isn't it so true that we are creatures of habit without realizing what a difference life can be when we choose a different path rather than the same comfortable one all of the time? The message seemed so appropriate, since a phrase my mom says frequently, "Do the same thing, get the same results!" Sometimes all it takes is just a little change to make life a little more interesting, which can in turn solve some our most complex issues we face daily.


I believe this song was written as a final resolve for the heartache I felt from some damaging relationships. We don't have to live with regret, fear, sadness, or despair. Even though certain things may appear as barriers to others in our own life, these same barriers can be the very strength we need that make us who we are and then able to push beyond our limits. Happiness can abide despite so many uncertainties. This idealistic perspective of mine is what this song reveals as I try to express what it means to me to feel complete.

Lovin' Nothin'

Yes, another break-up song to get through rough times. It seems to reach exponentially outwards to any other possible sour relationship I may encounter in the future and know how to recognize to avoid. This song describes my fighting spirit of knowing what makes me sad and eliminating it from my life. Unfortunately, some people choose to create sadness in other peoples' lives. This isn't any way to live; and, each one of us has the choice to separate or be a part of the confusion. I choose to not be a part of it.

Kandice Marie Longhurst