I just listened to Obama's speech on the internet be made at Hilary's campaign, informed and recommended to me by a friend. Every time I listen to campaign speeches, I am reminded of what a blessing it is to live in this free country.

I need to express my grattitude of living in America. My freedom to make decisions freely and voice my opinion is a blessing I never want to take for granted. I've been out of the country before and have felt the difference. Not that other countries are of less importance, but there is a feeling of freedom here like none other feeling. Unfortunately, I think those freedoms are being taken away or hindered by people wanting that freedom for selfish gain, which affects those striving to be good. I'm learning the importance to continue fighting for the right, fighting for truth, and living towards that day where everyone can enjoy freedom together.

The fact that I can go and do as I please is incredible. That going and doing to better myself is what I'm trying to describe. The opposite is false and inhumane. May the American flags flying in our country, like the one I see just outside the window of this building, always wave and flow as a symbol of my choice and yours to be free.

God bless America.

Submitted article

I submitted the prior entry as an opinion article to my local newspaper yesterday. The head dude wanted it cut down to 450 words. So, that's what I did and didn't think I would be okay with that until after about ten minutes when I was able to do it actually. That's his job--to tell me how to write even though it would be just a letter to the editor. I suppose that's what it would be like to work for a newspaper. You do it how they say to do it. I'm not sure I would like that, only if be beneficial to all of course. One-sided stuff is for the birds.

It's going to be in the paper tomorrow most likely. My opinion will be out there and no going back. :)

I have so much to do at my home, yet I'm sitting like a bump on a log (as my mom would say) in front of this computer thinking that some miracle of an email is going to come waltzing into my inbox for me to be excited. Aren't we humans crazy? Ya, I checked out this book on DVD about what the internet is doing to us. LOL That'll be interesting.

"Political Opinion--Be the Change"

I remember my grandma, talking politics would say, "You only have a right to complain before a candidate is elected, not afterwards. Supporting, who is elected into office by the people, is your responsibility as a citizen of the United States of America." I will be using my right to voice an opinion in this article pertaining to those who choose to criticize our current president without any proof to back-up his or her reasoning of 'no change' made in eight years. Hopefully I can also shed some light on the current election.

I was there when President Obama was inaugurated--in a classroom full of third grade students and was part of history gratefully. The connection to the TV was poor and the entire ceremony was cut out here and there so unable to hear everything. I know it sounds like it happened during the dark ages of television start-ups, but this is really the way it was which I think adds humor to the article thankfully. Yes, technology was not perfected even then, and the mere fact that an African American was being elected president was enough for me to pay attention--not to mention, the biggest crowd of people I had ever seen in my life. Knowing our nation's history, such an event now seems even more of value than it did that day in my classroom surprisingly.

Situations have not been easy for everyone, and situations haven't changed much as far as racial tensions are concerned. President Obama might disagree with that, but what his candidacy has done for me has allowed me to look at people with an even more open mind. His professionalism and education, I believe, couldn't have been a better addition to our country's heritage than another candidate. Yes, I've been skeptical a few times, but only when skepticism's voice was thrown at me by those with opinions as sharp as the one I read a few weeks ago in the paper. This is the challenge we as citizens face daily. Do we listen to those voices of criticism, whose only intent is to tear down, not build for the better? President Obama asked us to be the change. So, be the change, but please--be the change for the better.

As far as candidates are concerned in the upcoming election, I do not agree with the fact that with as much technology we have at our fingertips, the FBI or whomever can't get the facts about Clintons' emails. This needs to be addressed like a parent determining if his or her child is correct. Second of all, who really know how Trump has gotten to be where he is today? Where are the facts there? The social lime-light of being on television broadcasting his honest and brute attitude I'm sure weren't the only personality traits that brought him forth. What's his education? Yes, in these cases, I believe we all deserve and explanation from both backgrounds. Allowing such persons into office without honest credibility would put us ourselves with future generations at risk.

Recent events have been tragedies I feel so distraught about with reverence as the only way I know of coping. Human life has been destroyed. Let's not allow any more human lives to be destroyed through passive behavior of not wondering the truth of current circumstances. We are responsible for our country's future. Let's not just trust in whatever is put before us, pretending as if some miracle will come along to save us. If we really want to know, start conversing with others about your questions and concerns instead of holding back. This is what I am determined to do. Be the change like President Obama requests, please. I will continue to do the same.

Kandice M. Longhurst

(Logan, Utah Precinct 8 Chair)


...And the livin' is easy. The hot days are great, especially when you get a chance to go waterparking like my family did. Awesome time. Love you family! Studying for a job next two weeks, and need every moment to count. Working is healthy. What are you doing to stay healthy?

'Chair'ity Challenge

Donate by purchasing a chair created by a member of the community, and all proceeds go towards scholarships for art students at Bridgerland Applied Technology Center.

My chair is posted on this blog and is for sale inside the gallery with the others. The price starts at $100. I looked online about the brand, which is a 'Gunlocke' chair company I purchased years ago at the Salvation Army. it is very sturdy and comfortable.

Donate to help MS if you can...


Make it a great day, the choice is yours!


'Tis spring and a happy time after a long cold winter. Loved the winter.

Attend caucus March 22, 2016 7pm

If you don't know where to go, find it here:

You have to pre-register.

Honey bees

Found this article as I was applying for jobs. It's in relation to my question in a previous post about the riddance of small farms. I seem to have answered part of my question. Sounds serious to me.

Add headline

Fewer Dairy Farms...Does that mean fewer natural foods?

Feb. 23, 2016

Dairy Farms

Below is a link to my local newspaper about an article informing the public of the number of dairy farms locally has decreased substantially, with the prospect of a fading existence. This to me is troubling, since a concern I've had in my mind and have been wondering about lately. I admit that my understanding of food science is limited; however, the knowledge I do have consists of whatever we eat should be wholesome. In other words, the food we intake should be from the ground without preservatives or any other altering form of substance that could cause harm to our bodies. This article tells me that if the farms are 'going extinct' in a university town that promotes agricultural studies, then when no farms?
If you or anyone has any thought on this, please comment. Here is the link to the news article:

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Snow melting, sun out, and 'tis nice. Going to start thinking of what I can sell on this site. There is a selling feature. Pretty cool. Stay tuned...

Beautiful Day

...As my mom says...beautiful day...and it is! Job searching is such a learning and growing experience for which I'm very grateful. Have one left to do in the next half hour. Tonight is a Valentine's Dance for my single's ward and am very excited. Going to dinner with a friend too. Life is good. 😀

What a Day

I am deciding to submit some music I've written for a contest or just plain public viewing. Kreiky, it is getting me out of my skin a bit more. Anything of the such will do that. That's the way we grow and learn of course, and it's a part of learning who we are. It's strange that sometimes we are our worst critic and can downplay so much of what we do and who we are. So, PEOPLE, remember who you are! You are important, but always do the right thing. That'll get you farther than not. I'm not perfect, but try every day to be better.

Oh, ...and if someone tells you that you can not do something, that should all the more reason to let you know personally that you can do it. Unless, it's a warning like following the rules to be safe. That's important to know.

I've been at the computer all day figuring out how I want to submit my music. One would think that it wouldn't be hard. It took more effort than I thought, even though the music was already recorded on cd. Revising takes just as long!

Hey, whoever you are, have a disco day! (I just happen to see the diskGO brand of my USB. I really need to take a break. :)

Today's News

I didn't think the last entry would push down the picture so my entry would be at the top. That's not what I wanted, and for now it's going to have to do. I've been on the computer long enough and wanted to enter something for today.

Weather is still cold, glad about it, and hope it remains cold for awhile longer even though most residents in this city despise it probably. I love the snow. I think snow is beautiful, and the cold helps us all remember to be more prepared.

Mmmmm, what to share...?? Well, today, I cleaned my house, that was fun. K, that's boring talk. Let's talk about sports. My friend invited me to watch a hockey game at his house tonight, then I'll be going to play either basketball or futsol at the church later--which I'm way excited about because I haven't played a team sport seems like forever. I used to all of the time in my last ward. (In case you have never heard of a ward, it's a group of people organized in one area to attend church together to share, build, and strengthen testimonies of Jesus Christ. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Well? Some people haven't ever heard of this church before, so I thought I'd mention it and not leave them out.

I've been a member my whole life and believe in its teachings whole-heartedly. If you haven't yet figured it out yourself, I highly recommend you do. Read the Book of Mormon. It's great. We have a prophet Thomas S. Monson, who is the leader of our church and gives us direction.

I have a whoppin' four minutes left on this computer. I wanted to watch a video about a past prophet about being prepared. That's going to have to wait until tomorrow. My mom suggested it. it's important to be prepared. Ah! I have to go to my friend's house for hockey, or I'll be late! Bye!

Entry out of order

I'm putting today's entry at the top, just because. How's life computer? Mine's great, because I just tackled 326 newspapers today. I have a newspaper route, and today was the day of the paper to be delivered to all non-subscribers. I was successful by not falling on hidden ice. Didn't fall on visible ice either, which was nice. My ankle from last week's fall is much better, thank goodness. Being immoble is not fun. That's why I have a lot of respect for people in wheelchairs.

I'm still looking for work, but just applied for a job which would be a dream job to me. You know, everyone has a dream job. This one is it. I've applied for this company a bazillion times it seems. 'They' say you shouldn't talk about jobs you apply for, but who are 'they' anyway? The job would be very challenging, but I know I could do the job well.

Reading 'Not Without My Daughter.' It's a very good book so far and am not very far into it.

Well, need to attend to other tasks without spending forever on this computer. 'Til next time. Spread joy everywhere!

Add photo text

Add photo text

Today's news

Today happened all too fast, except for the fact that I was two hours ahead of myself realizing that when I got home, I had finished my work early when my friend called about Yoga class. I was upset at her for nothing. I thought she had for some reason forgotten to call me! Turned out, I was just upset about spraining my ankle on my newspaper route this morning. There was a skiff of snow covering a sheet of ice and didn't even see it. How dare it, right?! Ya, it happened twice. The first time, bruise on the knee and a finger jam into the cement. Second time, ankle. Hey, life is okay still. Thank goodness to her for helping me realize the turmoil I was feeling soon.

Nothing I really could have done about it. Stuff just happens, and I have to deal with it. That's just life. We hear it all of the time. So, I will continue trying to have the best attitude as possible even though it now limits me. I suppose I should be grateful to even be able to walk.

FYI: I'm writing a blog again after a long haitus. I attempted it once during a time to achieve a goal where I needed lots of support after being sick and to say the least a little bit out of the social realm of life. (At least that's how I felt.) The goal of mine was to train for a difficult triathlon. My heart doctor told me to get my BMI down 10 notches, ...cuz I could hardly do warm-up exercises at the gym classes without feeling like I could breathe hardly. So, I wanted to get the job done.

Well, my goal was achieved. Do I know of anyone accessing my blog? Nope. I don't remember anyone mentioning anything to me about it, BUT I'm sure there was at least one reader! ...OR maybe it was just the power of faith I had built within myself to conquer my challenge at the time. I like to say I did it by myself. I guess I'll never really know. :)

This blog will be for fun, just like the title.So, if you have the inkling to comment, go right ahead. I won't bite back.

Not in the mood to write, sorry

Sprained ankle, no luck with finding a full-time job, and almost got run over by a police car this morning. Enjoy the puzzle though. That's pretty cool.

Better day for sure

Hi Internet space out there! I know you are there for me to say hello. Well, not going to write much. I could spend all day. I have lots to do. Here I am, still. The other day...not the best day, but doing better now. Incident reported, can walk with little if any pain, and well...the job thing...still working on. You are probably thinking, "Well, why are you writing a blog then? Shouldn't you be spending time searching for work?" Judge not that ye be judged, says Kandice. Sometimes a girl just needs to have a computer to....well, anyway....this is a good way for me to have a social life. Also, I would love to post pictures of stuff to sell. Not at that point yet. I have a business idea and have remembered the name of it I came up with long, long in college. Funny how memories come back when you least expect. And...funny how many similar titles have appeared since upon moving in which the city I live currently. Well, computer, keep in touch! Ta-ta!

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You are very welcome...I must give credit to the original artists too of course. If it weren't for them, we know there wouldn't be the amazing hymns we all enjoy. Thanks for the sweet comment.

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Thank you sooo much for sharing your beautiful music and PowerPoint Slide Show. You are very talented. It was wonderful connecting with you today!!
Hope we see you again soon,
Jan Boyington

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Thanks Mom, I love you.

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Thanks for your comment Mom. I love you lots, and I haven't heard anything...yet. :)

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