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My name is Kandice Marie Longhurst, work as a phlebotomist in real-life; and, in my other life I make my own music--and is seriously the best uplifting skill ever. I create music for motivation through singing lyrics that are real to me--backed-up with guitar, piano, and any other musical sound that will blend. A good friend gave me small track recording machine years ago, which made my music come alive for the first time. My choice of sound is centered around Christian ideals, inspired by many artists as fine examples throughout my life. If you are interested in creating your own Harmony Track, start with a melody, add a little more sound, then another. Do what you think sounds good and believe in it! You'll be surprised what memories you will be able to create and cherish for a lifetime. Thanks for watching!

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Listen to a music sample...

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Thoughts on inspiring music...

It's amazing to know that there are artists out there who create music dedicated to a Heavenly Father, who are inspiring by the way--check them out if you get a chance. I don't feel like sharing anything personal today, just the thought I mentioned already. Have a wonderful day all of you computer-lovin' people.


My lyrics are missing from my home. How 'bout that? Good thing whoever took them won't be able to steal from my heart, because that's where my music lies. I also have other lyrics I've been working on for awhile. Whoever has them won't get very far at all. There isn't any personal touch attached to them, just a stolen attitude, which people can understand quickly if truly listening. I pray people can listen and know the difference.

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24.07 | 01:59

You are very welcome...I must give credit to the original artists too of course. If it weren't for them, we know there wouldn't be the amazing hymns we all enjoy. Thanks for the sweet comment.

14.07 | 17:39

Thank you sooo much for sharing your beautiful music and PowerPoint Slide Show. You are very talented. It was wonderful connecting with you today!!
Hope we see you again soon,
Jan Boyington

21.07 | 17:21

Thanks Mom, I love you.

08.04 | 19:35

Thanks for your comment Mom. I love you lots, and I haven't heard anything...yet. :)

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